About Us


To repair and enrich the world through thriving communities.

Objectives for Collective Family Philanthropy

    • Understand more about the world by learning about societal issues
    • Learn how to be effective philanthropists
    • Help the family learn about one another through discussion and engagement around the societal issues we have chosen to explore
    • Naaseh V’nishma – literally “we will do and hear” – expand our understanding by actively wrestling with the issues, meeting people, and engaging in hands-on experiences
    • Tikkun Olam – Repair the World

Core Values

בצלם אלקים B’TSELEM ELOKIM: Each Person is Made in the Divine Image
We honor the essential dignity, individuality, and potential of every person. We appreciate diversity in backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, and approaches.
חברותה CHAVRUTA: Dialogue and Partnership
We create meaning together, challenging thinking and building on one another’s ideas. We approach our engagements as partnerships and seek the inclusion of many voices.
קשר KESHER: Connectedness
We believe in the power of togetherness – family, community, כלל ישראל (Klal Yisrael – the unity of the Jewish people). We place ourselves in the context of a larger whole and take responsibility for the impact our actions and inactions have on others.
“משיח” “MOSHIACH” (Era of a perfect world): Sense of Possibility
We believe in the perfectibility of the world. We continually reach toward vision, asking “How might we?” We think boldly, address challenges head on, and approach our work with courage and creativity.
“נחשון” “NACHSHON” (First into the water): Drive Forward
We embrace new insights, big ideas, and fresh initiatives with an action orientation, learning as we go. We are willing to rise to the occasion when others cannot, do not, or will not.
בשם שמים B’SHEM SHAMAYIM (In the name of the heavens): Strength with Humility
We are aware of our responsibility and strive to use it worthily. We constantly remind ourselves that everything we do is for the betterment of the world.

Core Beliefs

1. Judaism is a blessing and gift to humanity because it:

a.  reminds us that we are all connected – אחד (Echad – One),

b.  teaches that one life is worth the world, and

c.  provides an enduring source for finding meaning and guiding actions.

2. The Jewish people is enriched by Judaism’s enduring core values and their many expressions.

3. Judaism is most robust when all three of its pillars are flourishing – תורה (Torah – learning), עבודה (Avodah – service), and גמלות חסדים (Gmilut Chasidim – acting with kindness and compassion).